Your Chance to WIN!

Stephanie Lee, Pixie Campbell and Jess Greene are each about to release an interactive ebook and you have the chance to WIN ONE.

These ebooks will include video, various step-by-step projects, and writings on a particular theme. Stephanie’s book is about Gratitude, Pixie’s book is about Spirit, and Jess’ is about Journey.

Here is How:

1: Follow Seek Your Course on Pinterest.

2: Pin this image onto a new board. Title the board My Personal Creative Retreat.

3: Pin at least 5 more images that represent what you think a Personal Creative Retreat should look like. More is of course better.

Pin Ideas:

– Studios, spaces, or places that help you feel relaxed and creative.
– Projects, inspiring art, or crafts that you would like to do on your retreat.
– Food or drinks that you would want to consume while on your retreat.

You can pin these images from blogs, websites, elsewhere on Pinterest or upload your own. (And don’t forget to follow Pin Etiquette.)

4: Post a link to your Personal Creative Retreat Board in a comment below. Be sure to include your real contact info in the form so we can contact you if you WIN.

Submit your board here by MIDNIGHT PT on Wednesday, November 14th!

Winners will be announced on November 15.

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Jess Greene is a Creativity Advocate, Dream Amplifier, and Curator of Transformational Opportunities. As the founder of Seek Your Course, Jess inspires adults worldwide to engage the creativity inside their minds and craft inspired lives. Her Creative Ease classes and consulting services enable artists to master the current technologies that can take their endeavors to the next level. Give your creativity permission and potential by joining the Seek Your Course mailing list below.

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30 comments on “Your Chance to WIN!

  1. dee lee on said:

    For Jess Greene
    a cousin of mine attended your visit to Artstream in Rochester, NH
    i want to thank you on her behalf (she doesn’t have internet access)
    she said the event was amazing and definitely motivated and excited her creativity
    she passed along your packet on creativity to me
    i can’t tell you how timely and inspiring that was to me
    thank you so much for what you do to promote creativity
    something that we all so need to feel more excited and alive
    thank you
    you are an inspiration

    • Jess Greene on said:


      I’m so glad to have inspired you both! Thank you so much for the note!

      Cheers, Jess

  2. Melinda Rowe Williams on said:

    I’ll have fun working on this. Great idea! — even if I don’t win!!

  3. Lisa Wright on said:

    Lovely idea and the perfect excuse to play more on Pinterest (as if I needed one!)

  4. What a great idea! I’m a pinterest ‘addict’ in all the best sense of the term :) Now I can organize my crafting/inspiration board into retreat themes – or even better ‘double-pin’…
    Also enjoying your cross-country seeking trek!

  5. Lelainia Lloyd on said:

    I keep adding things to mine. I <3 Pinterest-it's such a great way to get inspired!

  6. Amy Wilson on said:

    Great idea!

  7. can’t win, being related to the SYC founder :-) but this was such fun!! mine is at:

  8. What a fabulous idea! I am having heaps of fun playing with my board!!! (thank you)

  9. Laura Dogsmom on said:

    This will be a board in progress, I will keep adding things to it.
    Things that inspire and are peaceful and that I dream about.

  10. and woo hooo to this idea… already feel a little rested!

  11. Anouschka Sherina Niehus on said:

    Fabulous idea!Here is mine for now, will keep on playing with my board:)

  12. Baba Yaga on said:

    What a pleasure just to dream this space…

  13. Sheila Heichel on said:

    I love my new board and will continue to fill it. I’m doing this from my phone, so not easy.

  14. Lindsay on said:

    I’ve been following Pixie for some time now, SO curious about this e-course. Now I will check Stephanie and Jess too…exiting! Thank you for this opportunity! :)

  15. Diana W on said:

    Here’s my list:
    It was fun to think about where I’d go and what I’d do on a creative retreat. I think I need to do it soon. Maybe tomorrow? :)

  16. Hollie Chantiles on said:

    wow! I hope I am not too late! I just found your site in my new Mingle Magazine today after work!


  17. Sally Tuttle on said:

    This was so much fun!!
    Thanks for the challenge I had a lot of fun searching for beautiful settings
    I will add more as always.
    Best wishes – Sally