5 In The Morning Vol. 27

Posting on Saturday morning at 5am EST, a collection of  5 posts that inspired me this week. Ready for you whenever your morning starts!

1. Jenna McGuiggan wrote some “writing life tips” that apply to so many things, not just writing. And they are exactly what so many of us need to remember! Totally worth a read.

2. Beth Nicholls is in Japan and posted some great design sightings in Toyko!

3. Kat Sloma posted some great shots of umbrellas in SF. Love them!

4. I love dream-like illustrations so these by Cory Godbey  just drew me in and temporarily satisfied my desire for fantasy.

5. Art blogger Nancy Natale hosted a show on her blog with the theme Music & Art. Lots of great art featured in post one and two.

Image by Kat Sloma

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